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Original Wellness Instant Coffee

Guilt-free, delicious & healthy! Premium instant coffee infused with 11 healthy vitamins.

  • 50% of your daily vitamins in a cup
  • Premium Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee
  • Freshness-Locked in Convenient Sachets

Size: 20 cups

MRP: ₹ 449 ₹ 325 [₹ 16 per Cup ]
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“Loved the coffee. It’s become a part of my morning routine now ” -Nikita

Guilt-Free. Delicious.
Healthy Coffee.

A delicious blend of premium Indian origin coffee infused with 11 healthy vitamins that help you achieve a Balanced Diet. Each cup delivers 50% of daily vitamin needs and is a perfect mix of energy, quality nutrition and satisfaction.
11 Vitamins

Each cup delivers 50% of daily vitamins needs for good health.

Crafted by Experts

Made by coffee experts, coffee lovers, nutritionists and food scientists

100% Indian Beans

Blend of India’s finest Arabica and Robusta beans. No chicory.

Flavor-seal Sachets

Convenient single-serve sachets that seal-in the flavor.

Pure Coffee
Boosts energy, alertness, mood and more
Vitamin A
Aids immune system, vision and skin health
Vitamin B1
Supports nerve function and energy release
Vitamin B2
Aids vision, skin health and body growth
Vitamin B3
Aids digestive system, nerve and skin health
Vitamin B5
Supports energy release and making RBCs
Vitamin B6
Aids brain and immune system functioning
Vitamin B9
Supports healthy cell growth and function
Vitamin B12
Supports nerve function and development
Vitamin C
Supports proper immune system function

Nutritional Facts

Per serving (2.2g)
Energy 7 kcal
Protein 0.28 g
Charbohydrates 1.4 g
Fat 0.04 g
Vitamin A 50% RDA
Vitamin B1 50% RDA
Vitamin B2 50% RDA
Vitamin B3 50% RDA
Vitamin B5 50% RDA
Vitamin B6 50% RDA
Vitamin B9 50% RDA
Vitamin B12 50% RDA
Vitamin C 50% RDA
Vitamin D 50% RDA
Vitamin E 50% RDA
% RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance is based on Man sedentary work, ICMR 2010, FSSAI 2020)
Healthy for you
Did you know – 70% of Indians are vitamin deficient! IncredaBrew is designed to be incredibly tasty and healthy.
Committed to Farmers
We are committed to the coffee farmer. A portion of revenues is used to fund development projects at our partner estates.
Promoting Indian Coffee
India is home to the world’s finest shade grown coffee. A Made in India brand, we want to showcase the best of Indian coffee.
Planet Positive
We are a certified plastic negative brand. Just offsetting our plastic use isn’t enough, we reclaim & recycle 2x our usage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nipa D.

Loved it, especially the sachet form - so convenient for travel!

Shaveta G.

Loved the taste and its aroma is yumm…
My favourite is original one…

Nida A.

Well, I am a filter coffee addict. Instant coffee was never my cup of coffee, especially after trying some insta popular instant coffee brands I decided I would never try instant coffee again. But after coming across IncredaBrew I was kind of impressed but was skepticle about buying it. But still went ahead and bought it and it was the best decision ever. Now I literally recommend everyone to buy Incredabrew instead of other instant coffee. And convinced all my friends to buy it and they love it too...

Shireesh S.


Mitesh J.

I would recommend this coffee for coffee lovers who love black coffee.


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