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Working Professionals go Mode Caffeine

Working Professionals go Mode Caffeine

Your alarm starts to ring, it’s 6:00 AM and it’s time to get ready and head out for work. You get on with your daily routine to go to the office and log in to work with energy and enthusiasm. But, 2 hours in and you’re already feeling down with the number of tasks in hand to be completed for the day. How can you even get through the mountain of work that’s left? 

Enter coffee, as you order your favourite mocha latte or hazelnut cappuccino and voila, that first sip of that scrumptious hot brew coffee entices your taste buds rather instantly. A rush of serotonin and all the feel-good hormones encapsulates your brain and body, as you dive into your coffee, and you already start to feel like you’re back on your feet. Soon, you’re energised and focused and ready to take on that mountain of work you have on your plate. 

Oh, for the love of the heavenly concoction of divine essence that coffee is! 

This is probably what a working professional’s day looks like. Can you relate to that feeling? Of course, you do, after all, who doesn’t like coffee on a stressful day? 

“A lot can happen over coffee” – is an emotion, a way of life for many today, as working professionals’ resort to coffee to keep them on their toes as they go about their daily life. The tagline of Café Coffee Day which was meant to appeal to just the romantic duos, is perceived to mean more now, as many can’t go without a cup of coffee, and a lot can actually happen over coffee. 

The Popularity of the Divine Cuppa 

Coffee is definitely the most popular drink globally, with a whole art behind an aromatic brew of a soulful, soothing cup of coffee. Versatile in its own way as it can be served hot or cold with different concoctions of cream and milk used to reduce the bitter nature of coffee or enhance the complexity of the coffee's flavour. Coffee is preferred over most drinks, as coffee is consumed almost 15-20 times more than any other drink, and in comparison, to tea, coffee surges way ahead, solely because of the caffeine and versatility that coffee has. 

30-40% of the global population are consuming coffee regularly. In the US as much as 65% of the population consumes coffee. Coffee culture is real among most working professionals across the globe consuming at least 2 – 2.5 cups of coffee daily. 

Most of the working population consumes their coffee in the morning as they require that boost of energy to kickstart their day. It isn’t surprising that people working in jobs that require mental, creative and intellectual effort consume and require more coffee and caffeine than those involved in physical labour. Most working professionals prefer black coffee and cappuccinos to other coffee brews to start their day.

Coffee is a real art, and a lot goes behind growing, roasting, making different coffee blends, and brewing coffee. Ranging from the ratios of different coffee beans, the amount of roast a coffee bean undergoes, the region the coffee grows in, and of course, the various coffee types like the Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, French press, phew, I might be able to make a song out of this.

The world-renowned coffee bean types are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, the beans that make working professionals feel active and energetic with a caffeine high as they go on about their work. 

Caffeine – The Energiser 

Caffeine is the reason why the majority of the world is getting hooked on coffee. Caffeine, the ingredient that coffee is abundant in, is what makes you active and alert. It stimulates the central nervous system and enhances your cognitive abilities and fine-tunes your focus. 

Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors, the neuron receptors responsible for regulating your sleep/wake cycles. It easily binds with the receptors and blocks adenosine from doing so and not slowing down neural activity which would otherwise promote sleepiness. 

This explains why caffeine makes one feel more energetic and active. Caffeine has the power to awaken you from a stressful day, energising you rather instantly. 

Final Verdict

Coffee has its origins way back in the 15th century, as ancestors of today’s Oromo people of Ethiopia discovered the energising effects of the coffee plant. We couldn’t be more grateful to them for discovering the magnificent drink that coffee is. 

Coffee seems to be that magic potion working very well for working professionals for them to go about their work every day, and Incredabrew is your perfect coffee with a substantial amount of health benefits as it comes with a host of essential vitamins that are set to keep you in good stead. 

Without a doubt, coffee is the most popular drink and for good reason, has the versatility to fit into almost any time in the day, and can be brewed hot and cold to appease the taste buds of the masses. Coffee can be pretty addictive, so go easy and savour that cup of soulful, aromatic, freshly brewed coffee.  



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