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Instant coffee or Ground coffee- Which is better?

Instant coffee or Ground coffee- Which is better?

Incredabrew Instant Coffee

Did you know that more than half the world's population prefers instant coffee over normal ones? Fresh brewed coffee used to be the favorite for a long time but as times changed(and technology), instant coffee has won over the world by storm, with good reason! 

Instant coffee, unlike today, was not a big hit when it first hit the markets. Although convenient, instant coffee in the bygone days was notorious for its bitter taste. 

 Through the years, instant coffee has witnessed a whirlwind change-better beans, finer blends and latest tech. The current instant coffee, especially at Incredibrew, has a fine taste, zero bitterness and packs the punch of caffeine, and is healthy too. 


  • Why is instant coffee such a bomb today?

Coffee has been a much loved drink for centuries. But the pace at which instant coffee has taken over our life is incredible. It has elevated the status of coffee to almost a cult status. What makes coffee one of the most adored drinks from Boomers to Gen Z? 


One can't ignore the ease of popping a sachet into a hot cup of water, giving it one quick stir and voila, your coffee is ready! Unlike conventional coffee, which needs a minimum 3-step process to get your morning fix. 

Be it a hurried morning at home or right before that morning meeting, instant coffee gets the job done in a jiffy. 

Time saver

Your instant coffee cup takes about as much time to get ready as grinding the coffee beans(or less) of conventional coffee. Time is of the essence today. As long as you aren't taking a slow day enjoying the tedious process of grinding, filling and brewing fresh ground coffee at home, instant coffee is your best friend. 

Money saver

We see you coffee connoisseurs, with your fresh ground coffee loading your espresso machines- respect. Ground coffee making is a ritual no doubt, but it's neither easy nor cheap. It requires specialist equipment like an espresso machine, a moka pot or a drip coffee maker. Once you invest in it, there's a learning curve too.  Trust us, it takes a good trial & error session to nail " your" cup of coffee to your taste and preference. 

Instant coffee, on the other hand, requires no fancy equipment. We did all the hard labor for you, and packed the goodness of pure coffee in one pretty sachet. 

Tastes better than ever

If you've been skeptical about the taste of instant coffee, know that it's not entirely the process that makes it taste less superior, it is the selection of beans. This is why it's important to choose coffee that has 100% organically grown coffee beans preferably with no chicory or additives. Incredabrew guarantees taste with our own blend of Arabica and Robusta beans for the full spectrum of flavors. 

How exactly is instant coffee made? Why freeze-drying is the name of the game. 

So, if you still aren't sure what instant coffee is, here's the brief. Instant coffee also known as "soluble coffee "is made in an elaborate process, to make it easy to blend in water and to seal freshness. 

  • Initially, the beans are dried and roasted. 
  • This is followed by the brewing process to get a coffee solution. 
  • Now we move to the evaporation, where the solution boils down to 50% of its volume to get a concentrated brew. 
  • The most important step follows, where the concentrate is cooled by running through heat exchangers in anticipation of the freeze drying process. During freeze-drying, the coffee beans are cooled to an incredible -40°C to -50°C to lock in flavor. 
  • The mass is then broken into granules which are still wet inside, and the rest of moisture is removed through sublimation. 

What makes our instant coffee supreme from ground coffee 

Incredabrew coffee stands out in the instant coffee game mainly due to 3 reasons. 

  1. Our coffee beans are the highlight of our brew. Incredabrew coffee is made of 100% Indian Robusta & Arabica coffee beans from our home grown farm. With no chicory added, we make sure to deliver the rich flavor of pure coffee. 
  2. Unique freeze-drying process to retain maximum flavor. This technology allows the coffee flavor to be retained as the coffee concentrate we mentioned earlier, is dried. 
  3. Loaded with Vitamins-Normal coffee is just not how we do it here. Incredabrew aims to supply your daily dose of Vitamins in your morning cup. A single sachet of our Balanced Diet coffee contains Vit A, Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit B3, Vit E and more. 

Incredabrew-Coffee with a twist

If you love coffee, ours is next level. Let us walk you through our amazing coffee blends that will tinge your tongue & make you go come wanting more. 

Original Balanced Diet Coffee

A great tasting coffee full of healthy goodness, thanks to our homeground blend to kickstart your day. A must have at home and stashed at the office as well! 

Vanilla Balanced Diet Coffee

What's better than coffee? A bit of vanilla! Our Vanilla Balanced Diet Coffee features Premium Vanilla which reminds you of baked sugary treats(without the calories) & all things warm and cozy!

Dark chocolate Balanced Diet Coffee

This one's truly special. When coffee and dark chocolate combine, the taste is just beyond. This is a one of a kind drink to be savored slowly, preferably while cozying on a rainy day. 

Hazelnut Balanced Diet Coffee

Rich and uplifting, our Healthy coffee becomes even more decadent with premium hazelnuts in the mix. Giving your cup of coffee a beautiful creamy texture and a distinctive flavor, this one is a must try. 

All of these incredible flavors, packed into a perfect little sachet that you can pop into a steaming cup of water and enjoy, with just a stir. Hey, we're not saying ground coffee is terrible, but instant coffee wins hands down in ease & taste. Shop our premium coffee today!


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