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Explained - The 9 Most Popular Coffee Drinks

Explained - The 9 Most Popular Coffee Drinks

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the variety of coffee drink choices at your favourite café? Well, you are not alone!

 There is a wide variety of coffee drinks in the market; the options are endless. However, remember that they are all just mixtures of coffee, sugar, and milk in the end. Even though the drink contains a combination of these three common ingredients, the resulting tastes can be very different from one another.

 Finding what your taste is can be tricky, but this guide explaining the 9 most popular types of coffee you can find at a coffee shop or brew at home will make this a lot easier for you! So, here is a list of the different types of coffee and the proportion of each ingredient in them.


Also known as short black, an espresso is a single shot of coffee (about 30ml) . An espresso shot is made by forcing 30 ml of hot water through finely ground coffee beans.

No extra hot water or milk is added in its preparation thus it produces a thicker, more flavourful, intense, and bold taste.
An espresso shot forms the basis of many other drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, etc.


A latte is essentially a shot of espresso, but it is filled with steamed milk, and an extra layer of foamed milk crema is also present. It is typically ⅓ espresso and ⅔ steamed milk with a thin foam layer. There are a lot of customisations observed in this type of coffee.

Latte is the Italian word for milk, and this beverage means milk coffee. It is one of the most popular coffee choices, and people order it with a flavour shot of vanilla, pumpkin spice, or anything that excites their taste buds!

It is also considered the introductory coffee since the bitterness and acidity of coffee’s taste are cut out by the presence of milk.



This drink is similar to a latte with a thicker layer of froth. It comprises one part of an espresso shot, one part of textured milk, and one part of froth. It can also have dusting chocolate on top, but that is up to your choice.

It has a creamier taste, and the foam adds a softer flavour. It can be topped with cinnamon, chocolate, or nutmeg as per your taste.

Usually consumed during breakfast, this drink is associated with indulgence and comfort.


Iced coffee

Nothing is better than a glass of iced coffee on a hot summer day, don't you agree? Iced coffee is simply hot coffee poured over ice.

Milk or any sweetener can be added to amplify its taste. It tastes bright and crisp and is slightly acidic. Smooth and refreshing in taste, it is the most popular choice amongst coffee lovers in summer.



Frappuccino is a commonly used word for various espresso and coffee drinks blended with ice.

It is a slushy, refreshing drink containing milk, flavouring syrup, and a top layer of whipped cream.

There are some frappe’s made without coffee, so check those out if you are into that sort of thing!



This drink is an espresso with just the tiniest quantity of milk foam over it. Macchiato means a stain or a mark. So essentially, a macchiato is a coffee drink that has been stained with milk foam.

Macchiato drinks can be short or long. A short macchiato is served in a small glass comprising of a single espresso shot with creamy milk and a thin layer of foam over it. And a long macchiato shot is similar to a short one but contains two espresso shots.


Flat white

It is like the latte in terms of its composition since it also contains shots of espresso and steamed milk. The difference is the higher ratio of espresso to milk.

It only has steamed milk over espresso and no foam or toppings. And the milk used is from the bottom of the jug rather than the top to maintain a creamy texture.


 Irish coffee

It is not your regular lunch or breakfast coffee as it contains espresso, whiskey, and cream. It is classified more as a cocktail than a beverage.

The coffee used is mainly black and is topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It is a boozy and delightful drink with many variations and is a popular option on bar menus. It is usually drunk through the cream, so sit back and relax while you sip on espresso and whiskey through whipped cream.



An americano is just hot water with a shot of espresso. Just pour the hot water first, fill the cup to 2/3rd and then add an espresso shot.


There you go, you now know the difference between the 9 most popular coffee drinks. We recommend that you try them all to discover your favourite! As these drinks are essentially different proportions of coffee, water, milk and sugar, they can easily be made right at home. It doubles as a fun activity and also would save you a fair bit as café coffee prices tend to be over the top.

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