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IncredaBrews with incredible health benefits!

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Did you know that 70% of Indians are vitamin deficient! No wonder lifestyle diseases are on the rise.

IncredaBrew Balanced Diet Coffee delivers incredible taste, incredible flavors and incredible health benefits!

Each serving of IncredaBrew Balanced Diet Coffee is infused with 50% of your recommended daily intake of 11 essential vitamins. So your daily cup of coffee is not just delicious, its incredibly healthy! 

Our Commitment

At IncredaBrew, we are committed to making a difference for you, for our partner farmers and for the planet.

Better for You

Over 70% of Indian suffer from vitamin deficiency and lifestyle diseases are on the rise. IncredaBrew coffees are designed to help. Infused with 11 essential vitamins, each cup deliver 50% of the daily needs of vitamins. Thus, IncredaBrew delivers wholesome nutrition that boosts energy, improves immunity and enhance health.

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Better for Farmers

IncredaBrew was founded by the son of a coffee farmer looking for ways to solve his father problem. We understand the challenges that are faced by farmers and are committed to helping. We are working with our partner coffee plantations to help them address challenges. A portion of our revenues will be used to fund irrigation projects and labor retention schemes for our partners.

Better for the Planet

We are mindful about our responsibilities to the planet. We are certified plastic negative by RePurpose Global. This means that we ensure that we reclaim and recycle 2 times the plastic that we use. We aren’t stopping there and are also investing in research to reduce our use of plastic without reducing the quality of our end product.

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Indian Origin Coffee Beans

Our coffee is handpicked from the finest coffee plantation in Chikmagalur, Coorg and South India

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Passion for Coffee

crafted by coffee experts based on feedback from coffee lovers like you

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Mindfully convenient

instant coffee sealed in single serve sachets to maximize freshness

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Expert Nutrition

formulated by nutritionists & food scientists to deliver wholesome nutrition while enhancing flavour

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Superior technology

made with freeze drying technology which better captures flavor

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Crafted in small batches

for superior flavor and efficacy

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Incredible tasting coffee! Incredible flavors! Incredibly healthy!
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